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The ULTRA 310X Jetski at Newcastle Jetski Centre

Newcastle Jetski Centre’s ULTRA 310X is the jetski you’ve been looking for.

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310 Horsepower Supercharged Engine

The 1,498 cc, liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine makes 310 horsepower via a low mechanical loss design and improved efficiency. The Eaton TVS constant-displacement supercharger and liquid-cooled intercooler provide instant and consistent boost for outstanding performance throughout the rev range.

  • Heat-resistant plastic intake manifold is shaped to improved low-mid range power.
  • Cast pistons feature additional ring land V-grooves for better oil retention.
  • Hardened nickel 33.4mm intake and 28.3mm exhaust valves offer superior reliability.
  • Two-layer oil cooler offers efficient cooling.
  • Large cam chain increases reliability in a supercharged engine application.
  • The reinforced crankcase adds to engine’s durability and reliability.
  • Fuel pump provides a high pressure, high flow fuel for increased power and better fuel efficiency.
  • Thick water jackets improve cooling performance.
  • Check valve system between the cylinder jacket and water muffler that shuts water flow off above 2,000 rpm, to keep the cooling water inside the cylinder jacket for optimum cooling performance.
  • Piston cooling oil jets increased from one jet per piston to two jets per piston for increased piston cooling.
  • Oil pan features additional baffle plates to prevent oil slosh during tight turns or extreme acceleration/deceleration.
  • Crankcase oil return holes are designed for quicker oil return to the oil pan.

**Horsepower measured in PS at the crankshaft under controlled conditions. Actual performance may vary.

High-flow fuel injectors with 4 orifices are fitted to complement the increased power output and to improve combustion efficiency. A single throttle body is used with a bore diameter of 60 mm.

Efficiently cools high-pressure intake air; cooler air is denser and makes more power. Liquid-cooled intercooler design maintains consistent thermal performance.

To suit the 160 mm jet pump, the Ultra 310X gets an impeller designed to efficiently convert all the extra power into forward thrust. The pump impeller features a high-efficiency 3-blade design that gives the 310X great initial acceleration.

The 310X’s Kawasaki Splash Deflector (KSD) uses three bottom-mounted ridges and an additional deflector mounted at the top to deflect water splashing forward from under the hull. Whether turning or straight-line riding at any speed the Quattro KSD minimises spray, allowing greater rider concentration.

The handlebars are 5-way adjustable, suit a wide range of riders and riding styles, and allows comfortable stand-up or seated riding positions. The redesigned left side reverse control is even easier to use.

The reinforced inner bow is extremely light with ample strength to handle the engine’s power output. Exemplary straight-line tracking and responsive handling in both calm and rough-water conditions set performance benchmarks for the class. The lower hull is specially designed to distribute the engine and power delivery loads over a wide area.


Deep-V hull design enables a steep bank angle for motorcycle-like turning performance. This reduces the lateral G-loads imposed on riders during turns, allowing them to better concentrate on riding. The 22.5° V-angle at the bottom of the hull helps reduce unwanted spinouts during sharp turns. This all assists in delivering the neutral handling and turning characteristics for which Kawasaki JET SKI watercraft are famous.


The bottom of the hull slants upward steeply from the centre section to the bow, so the 310X can penetrate swells and waves with less shock, pushing through waves rather than bouncing over them at high-speeds. Integrated sponsons extend from the hull, providing wallow-free straight-line performance and contributing significantly to the 310X’s excellent manoeuvrability while helping to retain the narrow hull design.

To effectively convert the 310 PS output into thrust, the Ultra 310X utilises a large 160 mm jet pump, designed using eight guide vanes. The pump delivers superior “traction” in rough water conditions and significantly contributes to the Ultra 310X’s mind-boggling acceleration.


The pump is designed to deliver consistent output and good “bite” even in rough water conditions. The pump impeller features a high-efficiency 3-blade design that gives the 310X great initial acceleration and the eight-vane intake guides and regulates the flow of water to the impeller for consistent, efficient and powerful propulsion.

The Ultra 300X features a 4-into-2-into-1 powerboat-style exhaust system, which routes the exhaust pipe upwards. This allows the smoothest flow for exhaust gases, maximising exhaust efficiency.

Electronic Trim Control System allows the rider to control the angle of the jet pump nozzle to suit water surface conditions and riding style. Adjustment range is plus or minus 8 degrees from standard.

IMPROVED Fuel Economy Assistance mode revised for significant fuel savings and increased range. Convenient electronic cruise control smoothly holds a set speed from 8 kph up to top speed.


One-touch, push-button 8 kph mode allows hassle-free no-wake zone riding and the economical Riding Indicator mode can be viewed on a graph on the LCD info screen.

The huge, class-leading front storage compartment comes with a removable tray, combined with a centre-console storage area.


Large-capacity, fully sealed, 206-litre front storage area with a detachable storage tray, offers plenty of room for recreational equipment. Compact integrated under-seat storage area is ideal for tools and other small items.

The ECU-controlled ETV allows multiple riding mode options to be activated with the touch of a button. 8 kph mode conveniently regulates RPM to maintain constant speed in no-wake zones and cruise control fixes speed at a specified level for convenient long-distance touring.

Roomy three-passenger seat offers ample support plus all-day comfort whether riding stand-up solo, seated or with passengers. The passenger handrail on the Ultra 310X is located in a more ergo-friendly location to help reduce passenger fatigue and features a redesigned handle for better grip. The optimally curved mirrors have been designed for a wider rear view and are mounted to the upper deck via new brackets.


An ergonomic deck design gives plenty of legroom and the left-side reverse lever is ergonomically designed for easy operation. At the end of the day on the water a quick and easy hose connection allows a simple method to flush seawater out of the engine.

Four-lobe, constant-displacement design offers significant performance increase over a standard roots-type unit. The system force-feeds the engine two litres of air with every revolution, providing a constant supply of high-pressure intake air at all RPM. The compressed air is delivered continuously, not in waves, for smoother power delivery.


The supercharger produces large amounts of boost, even at low RPM, for instant and powerful acceleration right off of idle. Provides a flat and linear torque curve with mellifluous, lag-free power across the entire rev range. This system produces more low-rpm boost than competitive or aftermarket systems, with a maximum of 17 psi of boost pressure.

LCD screen features a face design that’s easy to read. The instrumentation includes a fuel consumption function, a boost meter scale, riding modes, external water and air temperature, clock, time, trip and hour meters, tachometer (in digital or graph displays), speedometer and max speed functions.


Eco Indicator shows the rider when the speed and throttle opening is in the 310LX’s most efficient range. The Kawasaki Eco Mode reduces and smoothes engine performance while conserving fuel.

The Ultra 310LX features Kawasaki’s innovative electronic Smart Learning Operation (SLO) system which can be programmed to speed-limit the engine to assist novice riders in mastering their riding technique without worrying about excessive speeds.


Smart Learning Operation (SLO) allows newer riders to become familiar with the handling and response of this JET SKI watercraft at a more relaxed pace.


Two separate keys, one for SLO mode and one for full-power operation, help prevent confusion over which setting is in use.


Kawasaki Smart Steering® (KSS®) monitors steering input and engine speed and, when certain conditions are met, intelligently raises RPM to help initiate a turn.

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