Kawasaki JET SKI’s masterpiece, the STX series, has been fully remodeled. We have refreshed the value of our long-selling sports personal watercraft, giving them a complete overhaul for the new era, without any change to their basic performance. The design has been renewed with the aim of improving comfort and upgrading equipment, while maintaining engine power and maneuverability (handling) from the predecessor.

Key Features

  • Smart Steering ensuring a smooth and controlled turn.
  • New rider mode, Smart Learning Operation (SLO)-mode.
  • High performance, 1,498cc 4 Cylinder, DOHC fuel injected and 4-stroke engine.
  • New lighter throttle lever and the revers lever on the left side.
  • Audio system with Bluetooth compatibility “Jet Sound” providing premium functionality.
  • New special LX Deck Mat and extended reboarding step.
  • Spacious 114L Front Storage.

Entry Powerful Sports

This new series was developed as a successor to the JET SKI STX-15F personal watercraft. It inherits the well-known powerful engine and excellent straight-running handling of the STX hull, while at the same time adopting a new design that combines a comfortable riding position with ease of handling. For first-time PWC owners, this model compares favorably to competitor models as it has been reborn with an engine that boasts even higher output and excellent manoeuvrability combined with a new deck design. The new model can be adapted for a variety of situations (family outings, recreation, cruising/touring, and so on). The newly added functions are mainly designed to make touring easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

The Hull
The STX Hull has been supported by a large number of users for many years with front triple KSD (Kawasaki Splash Deflector) to prevent splashing and side bumper fins to enhance the rectifying effect.
LXury Seat (LX)
Designed to fit the rider’s body ergonomically to further improve comfort. A slide and lift system is used to open the rear seat for easy access to the under-seat storage.
Sponsons & Side Bumper Fins
Sponsons extending from the hull and fins along the underside of the side bumpers provide stable straight-line performance (e.g. porpoising from start is minimised, etc) while helping to retain the machine’s narrow overall design. They also contribute significantly to the ST160LX’s high manoeuvrability when changing direction (particularly at higher speeds).
Graphics and Style
Elegant style with a sleek and dynamic feel allows for a more relaxed riding experience, having reviewed various riding positions. Improved operability with the left reverse lever and expanded the area of the rear platform. Deck mat: The LX is equipped with a two color tone dedicated deck mat
Extensive Cruising Range
The new body work efficiently secures space and expands the fuel tank capacity from 62 L to 78 L, giving it the largest capacity in its class. Combined with engine characteristics that allow for good fuel efficiency, it is now possible to go touring for longer than ever.
Kawasaki SLO-Mode
​​Smart Learning Operation (SLO)-Mode function allows newer riders to become familiar with the handling and response of this JET SKI watercraft at a more relaxed pace before operating the  STX160LX at full power.
Two separate keys (one for SLO-mode, one for full-power operation) prevent operating mistakes.
The reverse lever, located on the left side for easy operation, features a new ergonomic design (for both the lever itself and the lock-release button) and offers much lighter operation.
Increased Storage Capacity
114 L is available for front storage, and 16.7 L for rear seat storage. The central storage (1.4 L) has a waterproof compartment and is suitable for storing smartphones. The rear of the deck is equipped with a 2.3 L easy-access rear pocket that is convenient for storing wet towing ropes.
JETSOUND Integrated Audio System
Consists of an amplifier, audio controller (built into the handle), and two speakers placed under the mirrors.
* The rating of the amplifier is 40 W × 4 channels (160 W maximum).
* Speaker ratings are 30 W each. Maximum 60 W × 2.
* Connectable via Bluetooth, USB, and AUX.
* USB and AUX ports are installed in the waterproof storage.
* The controls provided by the audio controller depend on the connection method.
Bluetooth: Volume and song selection
USB: Volume and song selection
AUX: Volume only