2020 JET SKI Ultra LX – Luxury, Performance and Efficiency

The JET SKI Ultra LX personal watercraft hits all the right marks when it comes to offering performance and value. It is an all-around, go-everywhere watercraft that matches fun and excitement with convenience and practicality. Because it shares many parts with its racier 310 series siblings, the Ultra LX delivers excellent performance for enthusiasts with tremendous comfort and cavernous storage capacity. It is very much an Ultra!

Key Features

  • Sporty handling and excellent tracking in all water conditions.
  • Deep-V hull provides better grip for racing-like performance.
  • Industry-leading storage capacity lets you bring all the gear you need.
  • Largest fuel tank in class keeps the fun going longer.
  • Scalloped luxury seat enhances comfort during high-speed cruising.
  • Five-position adjustable steering adapts to a variety of riders.
  • Splash deflectors across the bottom of the bow minimize spray in a wide variety of conditions. for greater rider concentration.
  • Retracting rear boarding step makes it easy to climb aboard.

Refined Fun and Performance

The JET SKI ULTRA LX comes equipped with the high-performance hull of the ULTRA 310 Series.

Loaded with technology from Kawasaki’s championship winning machines, the race-developed hull handles with precision and stability, with a high level of seaworthiness.

In addition to contributing to the Ultra LX’s improved handling in both rough and calm water, the idealised strength balance helps realise a much lighter package. A revised steering nozzle also contributes to the much lighter handling.

A generous three-seater that encourages family fun.

The Hull
The Ultra LX hull design incorporates feedback from Kawasaki’s IJSBA championship-winning racing machines for excellent tracking and responsive handling in both calm and rough water conditions.
The hull delivers the neutral handling and turning characteristics that made Kawasaki Jet Ski personal watercraft famous, yet the hull enables a high bank angle for motorcycle-like turning performance with reduced side G-loads imposed on riders during turns.
Ride Comfort
Ridges across the bottom of the bow, Kawasaki Splash Deflectors deflect water splashing forward from under the hull.
The fourth splash deflector mounted at the top reduces spray during high-speed turns. Whether turning or blasting straight ahead, at high speeds or low, the Quattro KSD minimises spray, enhancing ride comfort.
The 22.5-degree V-angle at the bottom of the Ultra LX’s hull helps prevent spinouts during sharp turns and provides a smoother ride in rough water
Placing the battery near the center of the machine optimizes weight balance in the hull and frees space inside the engine bay to help maximize storage capacity.
Sponsons & Side Bumper Fins
Sponsons extending from the hull and fins along the underside of the side bumpers provide stable straight-line performance (e.g. porpoising from start is minimised, etc) while helping to retain the machine’s narrow overall design. They also contribute significantly to the ULTRA LX’s high manoeuvrability when changing direction (particularly at higher speeds).